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Dynamo Studio is a women-founded production company committed to creating theatre and film to catalyze conversation around social issues, while supporting women's advocacy groups in our community.

Most sincere gratitude to our generous contributors for enabling us to launch with Extremities.

Rich Coover

The Drala Project

Karen & Stephen Gay

Marianne Campbell

Ian Manheimer

BP Johnson

Ronnie D. Wade

Harman Tiwana

Coppy Holzman

Jack Cimarosa


Ouliana Ermolova

Russell Melzer

Peter Davis

Amanda Coover

Kenneth Yoder

Gavin Moseley

Jill Awbrey


Kerry Miller

Damon Santostefano

Kit Patterson


Jen Vega Oloo

Tonya Jones


Holly Gagnier


richard campbell

Linnaea Thomas

Alex Jacobs

Rocky Russo

Theresa & Randy Murray

Anna Madigan

Paul Hanson

Julia Staten

Ben Erwin

John Lee

Breaking Tide 

Julie Holzman

Nick Lesiecki

Jack Fleischer

Kelly Friend

Angela Gulner

Mo Abhat

Laney, Jack and Susan

Rebecca Dunham

Eric Mark

Angelica Oung

Catherine Copplestone

Tahmina Jabrayil

Wyatt Lake

Sean Rose

Amy Stoch


Renee DeBevoise

Mark Newberg

Seth Anderson

Brillary Coover

Christy Cherniss

Max Crawford

Keith Boak

Daniel R.

Mark Clark


Paul Pastore

Christopher Gerson

Brendan Marshall Rashid

Marcus Truschinski

Blythe Auffarth

Marshall McClean

Ann Roy

Corey Mintz

Rachel B. Lewis

Logan Mikhly

Scott Witebsky

Dono Knowlton

Lauren Lovett

Pamela Paulson

J bradford

Hanna Ladoul


  1. a machine for converting mechanical energy into electrical energy; a generator.

  2. an extremely energetic person.