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Dynamo Studio was founded on the belief in the power of story to heal, to connect, and to drive positive social change. 

We founded Dynamo as a means of applying ourselves as artists towards creating a better world by practicing and promoting empathy within ourselves and our community.



Whitney Anderson is an American actress who has played a variety of roles in various TV shows, films & plays.  Some shows you may have seen her on include ‘Masters of Sex,’ ‘NCIS: LA’ & ‘Bones’ to name a few.  After moving to Manhattan Beach, Ca. with her family from her native Minnesota she caught the acting bug.  Ever since then she has enjoyed her exploration of the arts & storytelling through acting, writing, directing, singing & improv.  She graduated from USC majoring in Broadcast Journalism & Theatre.  Whitney is a co-founder of Dynamo Studio, a production company committed to driving awareness of women's issues through theatre & film, & supporting women advocacy groups in our community.

I believe in the power of story. To teach, to inspire, to transform, to heal. Storytelling has allowed me to find greater compassion within myself and to bring it to others in the world around me. It is in striving to foster greater understanding and deeper compassion for one another that I co founded Dynamo. In an era of "me-too", it soon became "we-three" as I was joined by two like-minded artists who feel just as strongly about illuminating women's issues through the intimacy of dramatic storytelling. Dynamo provides a bold, new and exciting way to take responsibility as an artist and put it into action.




Education: MFA Columbia University, BA Tulane University


Credit Highlights: Theatre: "Another Country" directed by Diane Paulus,  Solo Performance of "The Surrender" at The Clurman in NYC, “Black Coffee” and “The Hollow” at the Tony Award-winning Alley Theatre in Houston. Film: Doomsdays, Annabelle Crane, Ismalia. Television: Quantico, The Good Wife, Blue Bloods, Law and Order, Livin’ the Dream.  



I believe that our emotional and cultural understanding of each other has not progressed at the same rate as our technological understanding.


I believe that exploring the depth and range of the inner life of humanity, and its consequent actions, generates understanding. I believe that understanding breeds acceptance. 

I believe acceptance is an evolutionary step that desperately needs to occur in order for mankind to catch up with its runaway capability for destruction. I want to tell the stories of people I have never met, and in most cases, will never meet.

I want to use those stories to deepen my understanding of myself. I want to move people to think, to laugh, to empathize; to relate. 




“The place to improve the world is first in one's own heart and head and hands, and then work outward from there.”

- Robert M. Pirsig

While acting has ​been a lifelong dream of mine, Dynamo Studio has allowed me participate in storytelling in ways I never imagined. ​I'm discovering a new level of creative freedom while developing a stronger sense of purpose.

I'm grateful to have found my way into the company of women who share my values at exactly the right time, and to be able to challenge and elevate each other while doing what I love. 

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