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By William Mastrosimone

Directed by Tina Alexis Allen

Aug 3 - 19 | New Collective

Los Angeles


EXTREMITIES by William Mastrosimone

Aug 3 - 19 | New Collective 

6440 Santa Monica Blvd, LA, CA 90038

Extremities is a bold, unflinching exploration of the realities of sexual violence. It examines the psychology of rape, societal response to gender-based violence, and the human potential for empathy and compassion. 


We chose it because it tackles head on the provocative, often polarizing issues that are front and center in the public consciousness right now.


Our intention is not to moralize, but to humanize individuals living through an extreme situation; to challenge our audiences, and ourselves, to discover and acknowledge assumptions and biases by experiencing reality through a new lens.


Marjorie's roommates are away when a charismatic stranger, Raul, enters her home and attempts to rape her. After Marjorie is able to gain the upper hand, Patricia and Terry arrive home to find Raul bound and gagged in their fireplace, and the three women are forced to negotiate his fate. 


Tina Alexis Allen 


As a break-out star on WGN’s hit series “Outsiders,”actress/playwright/author Tina Alexis Allen most recently starred as Shurn, a force to be reckoned with in the clash-of-cultures drama rooted in coal mining Kentucky. With Oscar-nominated actor Paul Giamatti on board as an executive producer, Allen acted alongside David Morse (“Treme,” “Hurt Locker”) and Ryan Hurst (“Sons of Anarchy,” “Bates Motel”).

The youngest of 13 kids in a Catholic family growing up in Chevy Chase, Maryland, Tina was a tomboy at heart. After accepting a basketball scholarship to the University of Maryland, she caught the fashion bug, earned an MBA in marketing and moved to NYC. While working as a fashion executive on Seventh Avenue, she spent her weekends seeing Broadway shows and igniting a love of the arts. Some soul 

searching led to Tina leaving her successful career to pursue acting. She has since been celebrated for her diverse range of roles in theatre, film and television. “Acting coach to the stars,” Susan Batson, (Oprah, Nicole Kidman, Lady Gaga, Chris Rock, Madonna, Juliette Binoche) has described Tina as “a true chameleon—capable of playing anything.”

Allen wrote and performed her critically acclaimed solo show, SECRETS OF A HOLY FATHER, in New York and Los Angeles. Based on her own life, Allen yearned to understand the complicated and highly secretive double life of her father. By transforming herself into him, she took her father’s journey exploring the universal themes of family betrayal, redemption and forgiveness in a tour-de-force performance.

In Los Angeles, she performed a 12-character one-woman show, IRRESISTIBLE, lauded by critics as rivaling the work of Lily Tomlin. For her work in THE BREAK-UP NOTEBOOK, Allen was nominated for a GLAAD award alongside Jane Lynch. In addition, she starred in and produced the Slamdance Jury Prize film PHANTOM PAIN, and played opposite Theresa Russell in the 2014 feature film, MOVING MOUNTAINS.

In addition to acting and writing, Allen is the Co-Founder of Gina Raphaela Jewelry, which merges art, fashion, and social consciousness. The brand uses deconstructed and transformed bullets as a foundation for daring necklaces, rings and bracelets. Their philanthropic mission provides a percentage of all proceeds to be donated directly to non-profit organizations taking a stand for peace.


The average number of times a rapist is recidivist.


That means they perpetrate, on average, 29 rapes in their lifetime.

13 in 1,000

The number of rape cases referred to a prosecutor, of which only 7 cases will lead to a felony conviction.


That means that out of every 1000 rapes, 994 perpetrators will walk free.

1 in 6

women in the US have been a victim of attempted or completed rape.

1 in 3

women in the US are sexually assaulted by the age eighteen.



6440 Santa Monica Blvd,

Los Angeles, CA 90038

August 3rd - 19th

This is a very limited run in a small space. Please secure your seats early to avoid the waitlist. 


Panel discussions | Guest speakers

Post-show talkbacks

In concurrence with performances, we'll be hosting a series of events with thought leaders relevant to the vital subject matter and themes of the play in order to  deepen audience engagement. Subscribe below to stay in the loop.


A percentage of our box office proceeds will go to A Window Between Worlds.


We are proud to partner with this organization that is actively working to breaking the cycle of violence  by promoting self expression.

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