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Post-Show Guests Announced

Friday 3rd - Opening Night and Champagne Gala With Special Guests

Saturday 4th - Tina Alexis Allen and Katharine Bainbridge

Sunday 5th - Chantal Cousineau Friday 10th  - Hope Hall

Saturday 11th- Tina Alexis Allen and 'Extremities' Cast

Sunday 12th (evening show) - Chantal Cousineau, Camilla Borel-Rinkes, Hope Hall Friday 17th - Chantal Cousineau, Julia Dixon, Susan Lee and Hope Hall 

Saturday 18th - Tina Alexis Allen and Heidi K. Wells

Sunday 19th (evening show) - Dynamo Team

Chantal Cousineau (Aug 5th, 12th, 17th) is a Canadian actress and activist who used her platform to catalyze the #MeToo movement around the actions of James Toback. Chantal testified on behalf of her union at a hearing of the state Senate Judiciary Committee in support of California Senate Bill 224 and continues to fight for better treatment for survivors of workplace sexual assault.

Hope Hall (Aug 10th, 12th, 17th) is a documentary filmmaker, cinematographer, and photographer. Her cinematography work can be seen in dozens of independent feature documentaries, including three years of work on Beyond Conviction, a feature documentary on mediation between victim and perpetrator in Pennsylvania prisons. From May 2011 onward, she was President Obama's Principal Videographer at the White House in the Office of Digital Strategy, with both the position and the office being a creation of this President.

Camilla Borel-Rinkes (Aug 12th) is a co-founder of BeFrank, a company that creates thought-provoking videos that ask men to answer taboo questions. Their first video "Porn or #MeToo" asked men to read different storylines and then guess whether the situation was from a pornography script or a #MeToo story. It went viral appearing in the Huffington Post, The Daily Mail and Cosmopolitan.

Katharine Bainbridge (Aug 4th) is a certified Jungian Analyst, licensed psychotherapist, Somatic Experiencing and certified Energy Balancing Therapist. She has taught Jungian Psychology at The New Center for Psychoanalysis and is on the teaching faculty of the C.G. Jung Institute in Los Angeles. Katharine teaches, and leads retreats and workshops all over the country, speaking on the topics of women’s psychological health, creativity, and Buddhism/meditation.

Tina Alexis Allen (Aug 4th, 11th, 18th) is a writer / director / actress / playwright / GLAAD Award Nominee who has put her difficult story of surviving abuse and living with secrets out into the world through her one-woman show “Secrets of a Holy Father” and her new book “Hiding Out: A Memoir of Drugs, Deception and Double Lives”. Tina is also the fearless director of the play ‘Extremities’.


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